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Putnam & Smith
Events List:

K-Earth 101 fm Oldies Concert

Save Amelia Bronzing Project

Theatre Week, City of Los Angeles

Music Festival ‘n The Park

Brother at the Warner Grand

California Pavilion at MIDEM

5K Run/Walk at CBS

YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Festival Flor Y Canto

Easy Ride For Autism with Peter Fonda

Hollywood Charity Horse Show

Ride to the Wild Surf,

S.C. Mountain Ride with Lorinzo Lamas


Campo de Cahuenga Evnets

Riding for the Pink with Merdith Baxter 

i luv Terra Nobis

El Cucuy Health Faire

Resurgence Celebration Festival

Revolution, An Invasion of Kindness

Votos Por America Nationwide Tour, 2007

Dreams Across America, 2009

Hollywood to the Docks March

SoCal Osha Worker's Memorial Day

Wrestler's Rescue

Great Rooms Opens Their Heart for Music For Heart

Music For Heart Foundation Gala

Hollywood Charity Horse Show (18 years)

Horses for Forces, 2015, 2016 

The Women's March Los Angeles, 2017 

Nationwide Book Tours:

Cafe Firenze, by Fabio Vivani & Jacopo Falleni

Great Rooms...Sapori d' Italia by Carol Hilton & Ann Mulligan

It's OK to be Beautiful, by Simone Leslie

The Essential Armchair Guidebook to Winning Survivor, by Dr. Larry Richardson

The Cure for the Common Sermon, by Dr. Larry Richardson

Living on the Edge, by Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childers

Another Man's War, by Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childers

A Real Freshman, by Dr. Jeffrey Millman

Ripple Effect, by Scott Cooper

The Big Horn, by Dr. Larry Richardson & Tom Richardson

Survivor Drivers, by Motion Picture Stunt Driver, Rick Seaman

C.I.B, 1969, by Rick Seaman

Spike Diet, by Russ Branjord

The Art of Fitness, by Dr. Levi Harrison